Date Topic
 9/29/17 Dane County Towns Association Requests Amendment of AB 109
 8/30/17  Memo on Dane County Comprehensive Revision Zoning Ordinance
 8/10/17 Hazelbaker Status report on town withdrawal from county zoning and AB 109
1/24/17 January 2017 DCTA Update
7/16/16 July 2016 DCTA Update
3/18/16 Memo to Towns, A Response to Dane County regarding approval of zoning withdrawal legislation
9/18/15 Levy Limit Increase For Insurance Cost Shift,  Table
5/16/15 Election of Dane County Towns Association 2015-17 Board of Directors
7/9/2014 Memo to Towns on Floodplain OA
6/10/2014 Open Letter on Status of DaneCom Implementation from Jerry Derr
5/8/2014 Open Letter on OA 26 Mineral Extraction from Jerry Derr 
3/13/2014 Letter to County Board Chair Hendrick Re  Efforts to Address Concerns Over Dane County Zoning
1/21/14 Report on Healthy Skies Initative
9/23/13 Memo to County Executive on 2014 Budget Priorities
1/07/2013 DCTA Comments on Dane County Water Quality Plan Appendix I
7/13/2012 July 2012 Update on CARPC Reform
6/14/2012 Memo Update on CARPC Reform Efforts and Dissolution, June 14, 2012
6/01/2012 Memo on CARPC Dissolution, June 1, 2012
2/27/2012 Memo from Mark Hazelbaker explaining the need to sign an Amendment to DaneCom, Amendment text
02/15/2012 Establishing Fees and Expenses Charged for Land Use Application and Development Review: OrdinanceAgreement for payment
01/24/2012 Memo:  DCTA has Resources to Assist Towns with Mining Applications
12/08/2011 DCTA Supports Ratification of DaneCom Agreement As Proposed
12/06/2011 Joint memo Parisi/Derr supporting DaneCom
11/28/2011 Memo from Jerry Derr asking towns to support the revised DaneCom IGA 11-23-11; Revised DaneCom IGA (11-17-11)
11/09/2011 DCTA Survey
10/21/2011 Letter to County Executive Re: Proposed Intergovernmental Agreement for Radio-Assisted Expenses
7/21/2011 DCTA July 2011 Update
7/21/2011 Process for Certifying the Levy for CARCP
5/31/2011  DCTA Supports OA 4 and Sub 1 to OA 37
3/31/2011 DCTA Supports Amendments to OA 37
1/21/2011 DCTA Supports Independent County Board Reapportionment
1/4/2011 DCTA Update for January 2011
12/3/2010 County Budget Restores Sheriff Positions; Work On Radio System Begins; Ord. Update
10/20/2010 DCTA opposes annual CUP review fee in OA 23,  Sub 1 to OA23
11/12/2007 Dane County Zoning Ordinance – Task Force on Capter 10
12/13/2007 Progress of Task Force for Prioritized Revision of Chapter 10